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Why is Canine Cards supporting Guide Dogs?

When I started Canine Cards I knew that I wanted to link to a Charity in some way but which one?? I wanted it to be a Charity which involved dogs, but also one which benefited people through dogs. I also wanted one that was trusted, had an excellent track record and international appeal. Quite a tall order but The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association became the obvious choice.

Two guide dog puppies

In addition, I had personal reasons to want to support Guide Dogs. My Grandfather was blind. He came to live with us when I was about eight. I remember lots of fun times with him, but also the difficulties within the family and – his struggle to keep as independent as possible.

Later on, my friend's father became blind at quite a young age. That really was difficult, he had to leave his work, became very depressed, became very isolated and it was very difficult for the family. Tom was introduced to the idea of a guide dog and eventually was partnered with Wanda – what a difference that made to his self esteem, independence and quality of life.

I also remember going to the old Guide Dog Centre in Bolton with my dog training club and seeing how the dogs are trained – it was fascinating and – amazing.

Guide Dogs' literature quotes a "priceless partnership between the guide dog and their blind or partially-sighted owner" – I hope that Canine Cards can contribute to supporting those partnerships.

So – how can you help?
Simply join Canine Cards because for every membership fee received 50p will be paid to Guide Dogs Canine Cards have set a goal to raise a minimum of £7,500 to enable us to sponsor at least one guide dog puppy through puppy walking training. This will allow us, with your help, to choose the name of the puppy and keep you updated with "pup dates" once we have our first puppy.

Newborn puppy

Guide Dogs offers a unique opportunity to sponsor a guide dog puppy from birth through the first year of its important life. The main influence during the puppy's first year of life is their puppy walker. These volunteers take a six week old puppy into their home and get it used to the sights, sounds and smells of everyday life. This ensures that guide dogs have a healthy, socialised and confident young dog entering its' formal training at a year old. The future holds an important role for this puppy, bringing independence, dignity and freedom to a blind or partially sighted person, and you will be able to share with us in their special upbringing.

50 pence plus VAT will be paid to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Trading Company) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to whom it passes all its profits.

Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs See how cute puppies become guide dogs!

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News, events, information  links and discussion for all animal lovers. Information on domestic pets and pet services.  If  you would like to contact us please email

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